About Us

In ancient Greek mythology, the aegis is a shield carried by Zeus. Today, the word describes the protection and support of a particular person. Just like a protective shield, the team at Aegis Care Management has made it our goal to support clients throughout their lives. To fulfill this vision, we help clients navigate all areas of their care, providing empathetic, reliable service along the way.

Why Work With Us?

At Aegis Care Management, we bring a lot to the table for our clients, no matter their level of need. By offering the following services and features, we hope to help them lead a more fulfilling quality of life.

Comprehensive Care Management Services

Our business was created as a direct response to the high need for care management in the U.S. To help supplement this deficit, we developed the following list of service offerings:

  • Assessment: Our staff assesses each client to determine their social, medical, functional, and financial needs so they can be met.
  • Preparation: Based on an individual’s unique requirements, our staff develops personalized care plans for each of our clients and prepares them to meet the goals it implements.
  • Coordination: As we develop our clients’ care plans, we make recommendations about the services, treatments, and/or interventions they should receive. Upon agreement, we then coordinate the delivery of these services.
  • Navigation: We help our clients navigate all areas of their healthcare. These offerings include our free benefits verification and step-by-step assistance with long-term care insurance claims processes.
  • Intervention: In cases of crisis, our staff is trained to respond with empathy and speed to ensure the safety of our clients when help is needed most.

Client Advocacy

From elderly and aging support to long-term care insurance assistance, we advocate for our clients at every step of their lives. To ensure mutual success, we first gauge the wants and needs of each individual. From there, we take measures to see these desires met. This advocacy can take many forms, including communicating with clients’ family members, recommending dependable service providers, implementing advanced care planning, and more.   

An Experienced Care Team

At Aegis Care Management, our team sets us miles apart from the competition. Coming together from all walks of life, we have backgrounds in patient care settings from social work, assisted living facilities, hospitals and nursing home administration. Since our inception, this hands-on experience has allowed us to deliver the most thorough, well-rounded care possible for our clients. Ultimately, we strive to combine our industry know-how with our strong commitment to compassion and professionalism each time we interact with the people we serve.

Care Management That Fits You

No two people require exactly the same care. The Aegis Care Management team understands this, which is why we aim to deliver care that fits the unique needs of each of our clients. Whether this involves phoning a family member each week with a status update, transporting individuals to a service provider each month, or pairing those in need of full-time support with the right caregiver, our main goal is to help clients navigate their lives under our knowledgeable, caring aegis.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

At Aegis Care Management, providing comprehensive care management services for residents of Northern NJ and the surrounding areas is our highest priority. If you or a loved one are interested in pursuing care management, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation at your home or care facility.

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