What Is Care Management?

Depending on who you ask, care management means many different things. For some, it offers the support needed to stay organized in the face of their growing health needs. For others, it provides a way to successfully navigate highly complex health insurance policies. For the Aegis Care Management team, care management encompasses all of the ways we help clients address their healthcare priorities, achieve their goals, and ensure better well-being for all.

What Is Care Management?

To our team, care management means using our hands-on healthcare experience to help clients improve their quality of life. To do this, we create custom care plans for each of our clients that include a combination of the following services:

  • Assessments of medical, socioemotional, and financial need
  • Care preparation and implementation
  • Provider, treatment, and/or intervention recommendations
  • Service coordination and delivery
  • Insurance claims assistance and benefits verification
  • And more…

While they provide these services, our care managers act with compassion and professionalism. This is the result of their experience in fields such as social work, nursing home administration, and more. You’ll always know when you’re working with a member of the Aegis Care Management team because they’ll feel just like family.

What Is Client Advocacy?

Client advocacy goes hand-in-hand with care management. In short, as client advocates, we promise to rally for you at every step along your healthcare journey. We advocate for our existing clients in many different ways, such as communicating with their families, negotiating with their insurance companies, fielding their service provider’s recommendations, and helping them follow their care plan, no matter how complex.

We believe that it is important for our client services to strike a balance. That’s why our team works closely with our clients to develop care plans that meet their unique needs. During this process, our team will pinpoint the optimum level of advocacy so each client feels comfortable and supported.

How Can Care Management Benefit Me?

As experienced providers, our staff knows how tricky it can be to navigate healthcare, especially if you have growing needs. With this in mind, we’ll use our experience to help you take full advantage of the benefits you have available. Plus, our knowledgeable insurance counselors will get you up to speed about your coverage and teach you how to file claims.

Another important role our care managers fill for clients is that of a trusted, compassionate friend. Between home visits, transportation to appointments, and need assessments, the bonds that grow between our managers and their clients are undeniable. By providing clients with social fulfillment and emotional support, our care managers deliver truly comprehensive service to clients throughout their time together.

About Us

The need for care management continues to grow each day. Aegis Care Management was created to make a direct impact on this deficit. With staff members with extensive experience in diverse areas of the healthcare field, our care management team has the know-how to help you maneuver successfully through the complexities of the healthcare world.

If you’re located in Northern NJ, Upstate NY, or the surrounding area and would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us today. To make the process as simple as possible, a member of our care management team will come directly to your home to discuss the benefits our services can offer for you.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

At Aegis Care Management, providing comprehensive care management services for residents of Northern NJ and the surrounding areas is our highest priority. If you or a loved one are interested in pursuing care management, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation at your home or care facility.

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